Roller blinds vs Roman blinds

When you are choosing blinds for your windows of your rooms at home or office then you may face the confusion of choosing between roller blinds and roman blinds. Generally when decorating a new or old house or office, people tend to keep windows treatment at the last of their priorities list. As much this […]

Easy Ways to Clean Your Curtain Fabric

You may not clean your curtains on daily or even weekly basis, but that does not mean they don’t need to be cleaned. Your curtains gather lot of dust, dirt, moisture, spots and stains that looks dingy. It is also not good for inner environment of your house. So, you need to clean your curtains […]

Some effective tips on curtain care

Curtains are integral part of your home. You buy different types of curtains for doors, windows and other spaces. You not only see their functional part but you also choose curtains to enhance interior value of your space. However nothing remains beautiful and fresh if it is not taken care of. You can maintain quality […]

Everything you need to know about Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are very good choice for not just windows treatment but also for updating an interior. You can use them for blocking sunlight especially in summers and maintaining privacy of the room from the outside invasions. This is functional advantage of roller blinds. But you can choose fabric, color, design and texture of the […]

Everything you need to know about sheer curtains

Sheer curtain is a very good choice for your windows treatment. Sheer curtains are light and airy and they have superb functionality. They filter and defuse light during the day which you want especially during summers. Sheer curtains also let you maintain your privacy. But sheer curtains are not just about their functionality as they […]

5 Reasons Why Roller Blinds are Perfect for the Office

Roller blinders are single piece fabric wrapped around a casing which you can fit on top of a window frame. Roller blinds are simple and easy to operate. One can simply roll it up or down to achieve required level of shading. You can buy roller blinders for home and office both. Roller blinds are […]

6 reasons to buy made to measure or custom made curtains

If you are planning to install curtains in your home then you basically have two options to choose from. One option is to buy ready-made curtains and the other option is to buy made to measure curtains. You need to decide whether you want to go for readymade curtains or you want to buy  custom […]

Some Reasons to Replace Your Window Blinds immediately

Thinking about changing the window blinds but not sure. Blinds play a crucial role in overall stylizing of a room. At the same time we can effectively manage outside light and south with carefully chosen blinds. But when shall we consider changing the blinds in our room. There may be various reasons for changing blinds […]

Buy made to measure curtains in Dubai

Curtains are the essential parts of our room. We all want beautiful and elegant curtains to stylize our rooms according to our preference. There are different curtains varieties are available. Especially if you stay, you can buy the best brands and qualities of curtains. We can either buy ready made curtains or go for specially […]

Few good reasons why you should buy blackout curtains

Choosing the right kind of curtains for your windows and door can be a challenging work. We all want best quality curtains, which compliment the room décor and aesthetically beautiful. While selecting curtains, we have many varieties available in the market. And blackout curtains are one of the many types of curtains, popular among people. […]

3 things you must see before choosing curtains for your rooms

Curtains are the most significant and important part of your room décor, which you can hardly ignore. Curtains create the aura and tone of the room as per your preference. It does not matter whether you buy a new house or revamping your existing room, curtains are the crucial part of it. There is no […]

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